Website-Based Information System Inventory Maintenance in Erajaya Sentosa CV

Reny Puspita


Erajaya Sentosa CV is an agency that operates as a distributor of technical equipment, agriculture and building materials. The Erajaya Sentosa CV inventory facility maintenance system uses Microsoft excel and physical books to record its stock. This is considered less effective in reporting newly added inventory facilities, namely at a certain time the file must be sent via email to the leadership with the knowledge of other divisions, even though there are inventory facilities that come in almost every day, depending on the branch or central warehouse in need. It is time to ensure that the condition and inventory of inventory facilities are maintained, and effectively monitored by users, it is necessary to develop supporting technology programs such as simple applications to make it easier to record and report inventory facilities. Based on the description of the background, it can be formulated the problem to be solved in this study is "How to design and create an information system for maintaining inventory of goods in Erajaya Sentosa CV". Podomoro Nusukan, Admin as an application user, enters data for incoming goods and outgoing goods. The inventory information system will be designed using PHP (web-based), with HTML programming language, supporting applications for creating databases, the author uses MySQL, and Visual Studio Code applications for coding.

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